General Information

Vung Tau in southern Vietnam, located in the small peninsula, 125 km from Saigon. The city has beautiful beaches, offers visitors an excellent choice. Vung Tau also has a famous golf course. There are also restaurants, shops, and hotel accommodation.


Vung Tau is the seat of the beautiful scenery of the city, the streets along the coast to build the entire peninsula surrounded by the sea, Vung Tau, year-round warm climate, cool and pleasant, there are numerous beach, soft white sand, the sea calm. Vung Tau in the French period and the Vietnam War is a famous summer resort in Vietnam, today, foreign visitors to Ho Chi Minh City tourism, often coming to an end Dayton. Every weekend, many gathered here from Ho Chi Minh City, edges and other places came holiday visitors.

Vung Tau tourist attractions of the profile , Vietnam 's southern port and the seaside resort. Southern Dong Nai province in Vietnam Vung Tau , south of the peninsula , 125 kilometers southeast of Ho Chi Minh City office , belonging to the central municipality of Vietnam Vung Tau - Con Dao , DC. Vung Tau face Mekong and Saigon River into the sea , the sea , many beaches. Here is a passage at sea and out of Ho Chi Minh City , was originally a small fishing village in the French colonial period, was opened as a resort, become Vietnam 's first tourist summer center.

Vung Tau Peninsula, the west is known as "Big Mountain" Stone Mountain , elevation 245 meters . Vung Tau foothills is the first bathing beach - Mulberry Beach . Vung Tau Peninsula in southeastern end there are numerous beaches along the south front beach road to climb on top of a granite Farmington Hills ( also known as " Hill " ) Hill of Rock Hill , 170 meters high hill built lighthouse , standing I saw the look on the hilltop overlooking the sky and sea . Foot of the mountain is expected to month ( also known as " wind " or " Ukrainian House" ) beach, waves swim beach , pineapple beach . The beach is small, but clean water , small waves , east of Farmington Hills from scratch after the beach , ( also known as " cloud over the beach " ) , with direct access from the city by road , 8 km long beach , visitors can follow the cloud beach surfing, swimming. Early in the morning to watch the sunrise at the beach . Place for tourists yearning .

Vung Tau under the jurisdiction of the county , including a lot of Con Dao island , the largest island in Kunshan , 15 km long , 3-9 km wide , with an area of about 7,200 hectares , is located 166 km south of Vung Tau on the sea . Queensland island covered with dense forest , only a small town . There are 261 kinds of forest trees , 76 kinds of herbs, 100 kinds of animals , rare species and so on. Queensland Island waters teem with shrimp , fish , and hawksbill sea cucumbers.