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Vung Tau is the seat of the beautiful scenery of the city, the streets along the coast to build the whole terminal, Vung Tau peninsula surrounded by the sea, year-round warm climate, cool and pleasant, picturesque scenery, lush vegetation, many temples, villas everywhere, beaches and beautiful environment. Vung Tau in the French period and the Vietnam War is a famous summer resort.

Vung Tau is a famous coastal tourist city in Vietnam . It is a peninsula located in southern Vietnam , 111 km west of Ho Chi Minh City , Dong Nai provincial capital south side and the city 100 km . Vung Tau City, an area of ​​about 220 square kilometers , a population of about 130,000 ( including Con Dao County ) .

Vung Tau is the seat of the beautiful scenery of the city , the streets along the coast to build the entire peninsula surrounded by the sea , Vung Tau , year-round warm climate, cool and pleasant , there are numerous beach, soft white sand , the sea calm. Vung Tau in the French period and the Vietnam War is a famous summer resort in Vietnam , today , foreign visitors to Ho Chi Minh City tourism, often coming to an end Dayton . Every weekend, many gathered here from Ho Chi Minh City , edges and other places came holiday visitors .


Vung Tau Peninsula, the west is known as "Big Mountain" Stone Mountain , 245 meters above sea level , the mountain at the foot of the first seaside resort of Vung Tau - Mulberry Beach . Small beach , beautiful scenery, small waves . 3 kilometers away from the mulberry beach , located between the mountains and the hills , is a former Beach, also known as " heart yang beach" , was half-moon beach , beach side there are many coconut trees shade , where you can watch the evening sunset. In the northwest, not far from the heart yang beach , there is a manatee stone, visitors can go fishing , catch turtles.


In the southeastern tip of Vung Tau and the southern tip of the peninsula there are numerous beaches. South along the beach past eleven granite road to climb on top of Farmington Hills ( also known as " hill " ) , mountain hill, 170 meters high , the mountain has a lighthouse. Standing on a hilltop looking view , I saw the sky and sea . Foot of the mountain is expected to month ( also known as " wind " or " Ukrainian House" ) beach, waves swim beach , pineapple beach . The beach is small, but clean water , small waves . East of Farmington Hills from scratch after the beach , also known as " cloud over the beach ," direct access by road from the city , 8 km long beach , most tourists are usually to the beach with cloud surfing, swimming. With the cloud has many sand dunes and beach-side rows of poplars , impressive early morning sunrise on the beach . In addition to the beach , the Vung Tau wins three Temple , Buddhism traces Knutsford , Nirvana static homes also tourists come to the land .


Vung Tau under the jurisdiction of the county , including a lot of Con Dao island , the largest island in Kunshan , 15 km long , 3-9 km wide , with an area of approximately 7,200 hectares , is located 166 km south of Vung Tau on the sea . Kunshan Island to Dayton from scratch , if you take a boat takes about 12-15 hours, 50 minutes by plane . Kunshan forested island , only a small town . There are 261 kinds of forest trees , 76 kinds of herbs, 100 kinds of animals , rare species are drums , white embrace , ebony, cedar, sumac , etc. Queensland Island waters teem with conch , shrimp , fish , and hawksbill sea cucumbers.