Vung Tau transport

Vung Tau Peninsula, the west is known as "Big Mountain" Stone Mountain, elevation 245 meters. Vung Tau foothills is the first bathing beach - Mulberry Beach. Vung Tau Peninsula in southeastern end there are numerous beaches along the south front beach road to climb on top of a granite Farmington Hills (also known as "Hill") Hill of Rock Hill, 170 meters high hill built lighthouse, standing I saw the look on the hilltop overlooking the sky and sea. Foot of the mountain is expected to month (also known as "wind" or "Ukrainian House") beach, waves swim beach, pineapple beach.


The beach is small, but clean water, wind crossing small scratch east of Farmington Hills finished after the beach, (also known as "With cloud beach") can reach by road from the city, 8 km long beach, visitors can follow cloud beach surfing, swimming. Early in the morning to watch the sunrise at the beach. Place for tourists yearning.